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I believe creativity is very important, it allows one to express themselves, and to think of new ideas. Creative intelligence is just as beneficial as any other kind of intelligence.

Creativity comes in many different forms and I think that’s where some people get stuck because it’s not just about being able to draw, it’s not about art. It’s about creating something new and different. Whether that be a painting or a new computer system, or developing a different kind of office space. I think every occupation has room for creativity. Continue reading Creativity


My Favourite Ted Talks


  1. Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

I love this Talk because it’s what really made me understand introversion and helped me recognize that within myself. I ended up watching this three or four times because I showed it to my sister and then my dad and then at some point we watched it in a class I took last year.

Susan Cain also teamed up with Steelcase to make quiet offices for people in a workplace that need some space for creative thinking. This was very interesting to me, because this should totally be implemented into school, because creativity should be just as important in schools as academic intelligence.

Her blog QuietRev is also pretty amazing too. I check it out every so often and read a bunch of posts.

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