Well this month has been crazy. A lot of ups and downs, and months like these remind me why I started this #Inspiration every month. To remember the good things that happen in life even when you think it’s not going so well. We all have bad days, and sometimes even weeks, but we always get through them with a little help.

Here are five things that I loved about this month.

  1. Doctor Strange

I have been waiting months to see this movie! I love Benedict Cumberbatch, I think he is such an amazing actor so to see him join the Marvel Universe was unbelievable. And the movie was done so well, and of course it still had that classic marvel humor that you find in all of their movies.

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Joining Pottermore


Today I wanted to talk about Harry Potter, especially with the new movie coming out in November, and I will admit I have not read the books; however I do plan to at some point, so don’t be too mad at me for seeing all the movies and not reading any of the books.

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