15 Question Style Tag

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More Fashion and Style posts, so here’s a 15 question Style tag.

  1. I love to shop for my clothes at (give three stores)?
  • Dynamite
  • Everlane
  • RW and Co
  1. Store you like to visit, but don’t usually buy from?

Urban Outfitters, my sister loves to shop here, and while I like the store I rarely find anything I truly like.

  1. Last accessory you bought?

It was a necklace from Ardene, but I hardly wear it. It is blue and gold and is a statement necklace with metal feathers, but I think I need jewelry that’s not so bulky.

  1. Do you own something you’ve never worn? What?

No, not since I switched to a minimal wardrobe.

  1. I put a lot of thought into what I wear, throw my clothes on quickly, or just like to be comfortable?

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Favourites: Beauty and Skin-Care


I don’t wear makeup, and I never really have. Sure, I went through that phase in 8th grade where all I wanted to do was wear makeup; I wore blue eye shadow, and put on mascara so horribly I hardly realized it, but hey it’s part of growing up.

But I stopped wearing makeup, mostly because I didn’t understand the need for it. Going through that process every morning is way too time-consuming for me; I always thought I had better things to do than worry about my appearance. Even when it comes to clothing, I figure as long as I buy nice-looking clothes, it won’t matter what I throw on in the morning.

The thing is I do care about to a certain extent how I look, everyone does, and I have found some pretty awesome skin care products and decided to share them with you, so let’s jump into it….

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My Favourite Movies

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I wanted to talk about some of my favourite movies, and this list could have gone on forever, so I decided to only pick three. So here they are.

  1. Underworld

I have been watching this movie since I was eight years old. And when anyone asks me what my favourite movie is, without hesitation I respond “Underworld”. The funny thing is that I was never scared to watch it when I was younger; I mean it was all fake, it wasn’t real, so why be scared.  But I love this movie for a few reasons: there is not only a strong female character, but she is also the lead, and that doesn’t happen often in action movies. She also never needed to be saved, in fact more than once it was her saving her love interest Michael (and not the other way around) There is a lot of action and a pretty decent storyline considering it is vampires and lycans.

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My Favourite Ted Talks


  1. Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts


I love this Talk because it’s what really made me understand introversion and helped me recognize that within myself. I ended up watching this three or four times because I showed it to my sister and then my dad and then at some point we watched it in a class I took last year.

Susan Cain also teamed up with Steelcase to make quiet offices for people in a workplace that need some space for creative thinking. This was very interesting to me, because this should totally be implemented into school, because creativity should be just as important in schools as academic intelligence.

Her blog QuietRev is also pretty amazing too. I check it out every so often and read a bunch of posts.

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Bones is one of my favourite TV shows, and while it is on its final season, it will always be a show that puts a smile on my face. I’m sure everyone can relate, we might as well admit that we’ve binged watched at least one show on Netflix.

One night, however, I was bored and wasn’t sure what to watch and ended up starting Bones again from the first season (they are now on their 12th season), and just started watching it all over again and it’s been fun, almost nostalgic because I remember more episodes than I thought I did.

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Music: Favourite Artists


Music is amazing. Music is life changing. Music brings on so many different emotions and helps deal with so many different things, and in general it always makes you feel better. So today I wanted to talk about the music that I listen to.

  1. Sleeping with Sirens.

My sister introduced me to a lot of the bands I listen to now. And a lot of them fit under the genre of metal or punk rock. Sleeping with sirens is one of them, and I have yet to find a song I don’t like. And it’s because they are true to themselves, they write what they feel or about things that happen in their lives and I really like that. I like the meaning in their songs and they seem to be really connected to their fans.

  1. Fall Out Boy

A more recent obsession of mine. I like Fall Out Boy because they have a song kind of for anything that your feeling, and a lot of them are really up-beat and feel-good songs.

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