Spring Outfit Ideas, Black Jeans 3 Ways

79. Spring Outfits

I know its spring, and it should be approaching summer where I am, but alas Canadian weather remains unpredictable. However that is not going to stop me from pulling out my spring clothing and playing around with some outfit ideas.

I have some go-to looks that I love, but I’ve paired down my wardrobe enough that I can mix and match almost everything. My favourite and probably most versatile piece in my wardrobe are my black high-waist jeans from Dynamite, far from sustainable yes, but they fit and with me that’s all that counts sometimes.

Outfit #1

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WC: Week 8


Out of all the assignments I’ve had to do so far, this was probably the longest. Time and Thoughts were the topics for this week, and actually trying to intentionally write about time and thoughts proved quite difficult. I ended up sticking to one main story and went through each part of the question. The first was an illustrative example of the when the story was set, and then we had to write an action sequence, and write about duration and flashbacks.

I always tend to enjoy the assignments after I’ve mulled it over for a few days and let my brain think of a decent idea I can write about. Even with my own personal writing I tend to write page after page only to not even open the word document the next day, [deep sigh] “Oh the life of a writer.”

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Sleep and School


I recently finished a project looking at the education system and how stressed and tired high school students are all the time, and my findings were quite fascinating, so I’d like to share what I found with you.

Firstly, I’d like to start with the fact that over March Break I was up at about 8:00am every day, and I had energy, I wasn’t tired. It was partly because I was doing stuff I love, like writing posts for this blog, but also because I got up at my natural wake up time of 8:00, according to “Paul Kelley, PhD, who researches sleep and circadian rhythms at the University of Oxford,” (Association, 2016).  So I was awake, I had energy and I had a lot of natural daylight.

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Writing Prompt


Recently I just finished taking a creative writing class and it really inspired me. So today, I have a prompt from the classic “The Picture of Dorian Gray” that reads “I was wrong. It has destroyed me.” As soon as I read this I thought it was so fascinating and you could really do a lot with it.

That’s what I find interesting about writing, is that inspiration literally comes from everywhere even other books or poems or a picture that you saw on the internet. And then the ideas just hit you and almost knock you over and you struggle to find a pen and paper to write it all down.

It makes me happy to be creative like this and to be able to share it with others. It just adds to the excitement of creativity and of writing itself.