Understanding the INTJ Paradox

81. INTJ Paradox

“Cold, calculated, and highly rational is what makes INTJ’s who they are…” ever heard that one before?

Well I’m about to let you in on a little secret, that’s not the whole truth.

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Spring Outfit Ideas, Black Jeans 3 Ways

79. Spring Outfits

I know its spring, and it should be approaching summer where I am, but alas Canadian weather remains unpredictable. However that is not going to stop me from pulling out my spring clothing and playing around with some outfit ideas.

I have some go-to looks that I love, but I’ve paired down my wardrobe enough that I can mix and match almost everything. My favourite and probably most versatile piece in my wardrobe are my black high-waist jeans from Dynamite, far from sustainable yes, but they fit and with me that’s all that counts sometimes.

Outfit #1

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Depression: My Story as an INTJ

67. Depression INTJ.jpg

This week I’ve been kind of stumped as to what to write. A lot has been going on recently, personally, and it’s been difficult to focus on something that I plan on sharing with other’s that won’t be depressing. So I’m just going to write and see how this blog post turns out.

Like I said a lot has been going on recently, my sister if you’ve glided over to her Youtube Channel at all, talks a lot of depression and mental health issues because she too is dealing with anxiety and depression. And while I have shared a bit about my own struggle with anxiety and I think have mentioned my own bout of depression, I’ve never gone in-depth not wanting to share too much online.

However, I think people learn from other’s stories, I know I have and would like to share my own, not every little detail, but overall the experience and what I gained from it.

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Understanding INTJs: Part 2


INTJs are of the top most misunderstood types, and I can vouch for that. It’s truly frustrating trying to explain to someone close to you how differently you think. In Part 1 I explained the functions and what I thought they applied to relationships, whether that be a friendship or otherwise.

But of course it’s never enough to only explain how we see the world, so here are a few tips as to how others can understand us (even just a little bit).

1.We already understand you.

Know that when you want to understand us, we already understand you. I mean it gets to the point where someone may know very little about me, but I can predict their words and actions like its second nature.

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Understanding INTJs: Part 1


I first discovered the MBTI types three years ago, and since then I have learned and been able to grow from knowing my type. The most difficult part of being an INTJ, however, is not learning how to understand yourself, but getting others to understand you.

When I was younger it was easy for me to understand someone. Almost automatically knowing if this person was trustworthy, or friendly, and while I didn’t have a name for it then I do now. It was my introverted Intuition, or Ni function. Something that I didn’t learn until later was difficult for people to do, came so effortlessly to me.

In this series there will again be two parts, this post will include a brief overview of the functions, and what they mean to me. The second part will go more in depth of how INTJs understand others, and hopefully how that can give a bit of insight into how others can understand us. The four Functions are:

  • Introverted Intuition (Ni)
  • Extroverted Thinking (Te)
  • Introverted Feeling (Fi)
  • Extroverted Sensing (Se)

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Quiet: A Book Review


First things first: It’s my Birthday! Yay!

Ok now that that is out of the way let’s get to today’s post; a book review of Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.

This book resonated with me more than any other book I’ve ever read. Cain writes in a way that is both technical and yet understandable (something I think is hard to come by).

Being such a strong introvert myself, reading Quiet makes me appreciate my natural introverted tendencies even more and helped me understand myself better. Like anyone I’m constantly learning new things about myself, and I find the more I know about myself, the more confident I become.

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Dealing With Anxiety: Self-Improvement Tips

38. Anxiety.jpg

Hey Readers, today I’m talking about something a little more on the serious side of things, which I suppose isn’t uncommon for me to do, but I promise to leave on a happy note.

Today I wanted to talk about Anxiety, and while it took me a while to realize it, I have in fact experienced anxiety symptoms. And I know everyone’s been there at least once, before a big presentation, or job interview. But for me it was more serious than that. I’ve had my fair share of panic attacks, and since getting myself out of a depression two years ago, I have been trying to focus on being happy. That’s all, just “be happy”.  Which is easier said than done, but I have a few self-help tips that I’m going to be trying (or have already tried) to work on this. I think it’s my INTJness (is that even a thing????, whatever, you know what I mean) that causes me to always self-improve no matter how difficult or serious the task may be, but I think everyone can benefit from trying to improve themselves and be a better, happier individual.

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