21. Creativity.jpg

I believe creativity is very important, it allows one to express themselves, and to think of new ideas. Creative intelligence is just as beneficial as any other kind of intelligence.

Creativity comes in many different forms and I think that’s where some people get stuck because it’s not just about being able to draw, it’s not about art. It’s about creating something new and different. Whether that be a painting or a new computer system, or developing a different kind of office space. I think every occupation has room for creativity. Continue reading Creativity




10. Happiness.jpg

Happiness. So few can claim it. So few can say they are happy in this world where corruption and destruction are daily events. Happiness seems to have become a rarity.

However, after struggling with family issues, suffering from depression, pulling myself out of it, and then still struggling with family issues, I can finally say that I am happy.

By no means am I happy all the time, 24/7, but I am happy. I am happy because I started this blog, because I can see my photography improving each time I take a new picture. I am happy because of music, and how passionate my sister is about all of the bands she likes, which just makes me excited about it too.

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