Spring Outfit Ideas, Black Jeans 3 Ways

79. Spring Outfits

I know its spring, and it should be approaching summer where I am, but alas Canadian weather remains unpredictable. However that is not going to stop me from pulling out my spring clothing and playing around with some outfit ideas.

I have some go-to looks that I love, but I’ve paired down my wardrobe enough that I can mix and match almost everything. My favourite and probably most versatile piece in my wardrobe are my black high-waist jeans from Dynamite, far from sustainable yes, but they fit and with me that’s all that counts sometimes.

Outfit #1

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15 Question Style Tag

78. Style Tag.jpg

More Fashion and Style posts, so here’s a 15 question Style tag.

  1. I love to shop for my clothes at (give three stores)?
  • Dynamite
  • Everlane
  • RW and Co
  1. Store you like to visit, but don’t usually buy from?

Urban Outfitters, my sister loves to shop here, and while I like the store I rarely find anything I truly like.

  1. Last accessory you bought?

It was a necklace from Ardene, but I hardly wear it. It is blue and gold and is a statement necklace with metal feathers, but I think I need jewelry that’s not so bulky.

  1. Do you own something you’ve never worn? What?

No, not since I switched to a minimal wardrobe.

  1. I put a lot of thought into what I wear, throw my clothes on quickly, or just like to be comfortable?

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A Minimal Wardrobe: 3 Reasons Why I Love it

77. Minimal Wardrobe Reasons.jpg

For the next few weeks I’m going to focus on Fashion and Style and this week I’m starting with my minimal wardrobe, specifically reasons I love my minimal wardrobe.

So here goes…

Reason #1

Actually having a defined style. I spent so many years never having anything to wear, or so it seemed. I was really just buying clothing that appealed to me, but wasn’t really my style. So I’d pick up a top and love the colour or the pattern, make sure it was my size, maybe try it on and then I’d wear it a few times only because I never really thought about what would match it. I’d buy clothing pieces, instead of thinking in terms of outfits. Now however, I have keep a neutral colour palette with a few added colours that I like and know look good on me, and I go for comfort and styles that I know work instead of just what appeals to me when I go shopping.

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Writing Course: Week 6

63. WC Week 6.jpg

Week 6, already, only five more weeks to go…

This week’s focus for my Writing Course was tone and style, as well as description. And of course, the first part of the assignment we had to differentiate between Tone and Style, and I found this to be really difficult because in order to write well, you need both. Style develops overtime as you get better at writing, you find your own voice/style as a writer, and tone sets the mood of the writing, but I believe that you almost always have both in a single piece of writing and I had to somehow distinguish between the two, I did it, and I’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

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Bloom: Book Review


Hey Readers, I can’t believe how busy I have been lately, but I am trying so hard to keep up with blogging and putting out new content for all of you.

Anyway, I have been doing lots of reading lately, it’s been a few weeks into December, and I’ve already read five books, (honestly I’m just happy I’m actually reading again in general now that I don’t have to read anything for school), so I thought it was time for another good book review. This time it is Bloom: Navigating Life and Style by Estee Lalonde. Known for her YouTube beauty channel and my favourite series by her called Femtalk; she released this book in early October and I’ve only now just bought it, but it was absolutely amazing.

The synopsis reads:

In Bloom, Estee Lalonde shares the moments, people, and things that have made her who she is today. She reveals her life lessons and offers her tips for surviving life and finding yourself.

Celebrate your bloom story and what makes you unique.

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Sustainable, Stylish, + Smart Fashion: SF Part 2


Sustainable fashion has been getting the recognition it deserves since the disaster of Rana Plaza. People have been speaking out, becoming more aware of the issues and what they can do to help. Companies have been formed on the basis of ethically made, sustainable fashion, so an incident like Rana Plaza never happens again.

Co-Founder of Zady, Maxine Bedat, was one those brands. In her TedTalk, she explains her journey started with the tags. She became curious about where her clothing was coming from and when she realized the enormity of the problems and what little had actually been done, she started something called “The New Standard.”

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#Inspiration- August


Another Month of Summer already gone. Now take some time to appreciate all the happy things that have happened this month, and then prepare yourself for the next….

  1. Wardrobe Revamp

After a few weeks of planning, I finally had some money to start purchasing some new items for my wardrobe. I mentioned this in my last post, about the INTO-MIND blog and how she outlines everything you need to figure out your style and start creating a wardrobe you’ll love.

What I love most about doing this is seeing everything start to come together. Seeing all the new outfits I can get out of a piece of clothing and just thinking about how this is so me, and I know that I’ll feel confident in these clothes.

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